How to run multiple backups at once

Is it possible to run multiple backups at once?
If I connect to multiple repos, does kopia know where each folder should snapshot to?
The docs don’t explain anything about what it does… Can I give it the password via an environment variable?

When using CLI, you can run kopia command in parallel as many times as you’d like, each can target the same or different repository (which is stored in a config file, specified using --config-file).

So you can run:

$ kopia --config-file first.config snapshot create /some/path
$ kopia --config-file second.config snapshot create /some/path

When using UI, snapshots are taken automatically on schedule up to Maximum Parallel Snapshots that you can specify in policies. KopiaUI supports N concurrent repository connections.

As for the password, you can always pass it using KOPIA_PASSWORD but there’s usually no reason to do so, when you use kopia repository connect the password will be stored in OS-specific keychain (Windows/macOS) where it’s encrypted.

On Linux this is disabled by default since it only works on Gnome and breaks CLI scenarios so you need to pass --use-keyring flag.

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Something against KDE?