2 separate global policies

I have kopia running in docker for the past 6 months. I check it every few weeks or so. Today I noticed I had 2 global policies listed. kopia policy list showed:

4ce4d265ce584f50365eee3cb584675a (global)
e1823275dfc7083389f7a0a594998695 (global)

The settings in the 2 global policies were identical. In the webUI, I selected the first and changed retention policy to see if it would alter the other global policy. Now there is just one global policy. kopia policy list now shows

9c1b389adcdc177eb1781a63d1df0713 (global)

I’m wondering how I got 2 global policies to begin with and if that would have any strange effects on other policies, backup behavior, etc.

Hi, I also had this issue but after a restart or reconnect, the second global policy was gone. However, I was not able to reproduce this. As this seems to be bug, you may want to check if there is an open issue on this on github.

Issues · kopia/kopia (github.com)

If there isn’t one, we should create it :slight_smile:


I had the same issue today when I tried to change some value with CLI to the global policy created with the GUI.

I deleted one policy manually and both were gone:

Then I recreated a policy with

I changed the compression using the UI and now everythink looks normal.
Some of my directory policy correctly inherit from the global policy

(I was woried that it would cut the inheritance)

Also, event it I set “enableActions”: true, the actions are not visible in the UI but if I modify the action timeout the value is correctly maintained and displayed both in UI and CLI.
Don’t know if it’s related to my “double” global policy issue.

There is an issue with setting actions in the current release 0.13 of Kopia UI.

See fix(actions): actions are not saved after sanitizeActions() by lupusA · Pull Request #163 · kopia/htmlui · GitHub.

It has already been merged. Actions should then be displayed correctly.


FWIW, I just observed the same issue with KopiaUI 0.17.0, and I was able to apply the same steps to fix it: After editing the first of the two duplicate policies, the duplicate was gone. So it’s not a big issue, I just wanted to mention it here in case anybody else still observes this.