Alternate repo periodically

Hi there, I am generally backing up to remote object storage. Periodically I want to drop a backup to another system on my LAN over SFTP to have a local copy (think full restore times, Egress Charges, etc.).

I added a second repo, but I have to set all the policies, etc, up.

Is there an easier way to do this? Or copy settings from one repo to another?


Depends on how you do it. If running KopiaUI, you can connect to the repos simultaneously and set different snspshot policies. If you’re running kopia on the cli, you’d need to setup some manual juggling with the configs.

Personally, I am running KopiaUI on macOS and I have a local repo attached, plus a repo on my network, which I sync to my Wasabi S3 using repo-sync. This is much more eficient and faster, then having my clients snapshot so S3 directly.