Alternative WebDAV port number

Is it possible to use an alternative WebDAV port number and if so, how?

From what i know, it is not possible to set an arbitrary webdav port. For now Kopia assigns random port number, which is unfortunate because using 3rd webdav client (e.g Total Commander) becomes somewhat complicated.

Thanx for the reply. But it confuses me. The WebDAV server listens to a fixed, configured port. How is Kopia supposed to reach the WebDAV server if Kopia itself uses a random port number? Or are we talking about two different things here?

I’m trying to create a repo on a remote WebDAV server. That WebDAV server does not listen to the default ports 80/443. So I would like to instruct Kopia to access the WebDAV server using a different port number.

I see, I didn’t understand correctly what you said. I was talking about connecting TO Kopia repositories through Webdav ( xxxx).

I thought as much :grinning: Thanx for your time nevertheless.

Something like doesn’t work?

Already tried, but unless I did something stupid, which is an unfortunate habit of mine, it doesn’t work.