Apt repo version

My copy of kopia from the apt repository reports version 20200814.0.143358 build: b7872760e0b5afeac3ce6c607ece065f01602cbe. Is it possible the recent releases aren’t finding their way there?

It’s definitely up to date. What does apt update show?

Everything is up to date. Kopia repo line is
Hit:1 http://packages.kopia.io/apt stable InRelease

I can see all versions if I issue apt show kopia -a but I think apt is treating that version as the latest instead of the current 0.7.3 for whatever reason.

Edit: I think if you remove version 20200814.0.143358 from the repo or edit the version tag to look like 0.7.0-20200814.0.143358 it would fix this issue.

If you remove Kopia and install it again you should get 0.7.3. The reason you don’t is because you previously had a release from unstable which has very high version number which is greater than the one from stable.

That didn’t work. I can install 0.7.3 with apt install kopia=0.7.3 but this is considered a downgrade. I believe it won’t go away until you remove the unstable package from the repo.

Edit: I never installed an unstable version. Somehow the stable repo has that unstable package alongside 11 released versions from 0.4.0 forward.

I’m seeing the same thing. Have always been on stable. Previous apt upgrade was to 0.7.2. Now apt upgrade is installing 20200814.0.143358 build: b7872760e0b5afeac3ce6c607ece065f01602cbe.

Can you uninstall/apt update/install now? There was indeed a rogue *.deb file, I removed it and it should be all good now.

All good now, the latest is 0.7.3.