Auto complete kopia commands in shell


One convenient feature could be to the add the auto completion of kopia commands in shell. ex: with bash shell on debian, when typing "sudo apt-get ", a tab key press triggers the available commands. Typing "kopia repository " could list the commands listed in “kopia repository --help”, and “kopia rep” could auto complete the command to “kopia repository”.


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It is supported in fact, thanks to the library kopia uses to implement command line parsing:

See GitHub - alecthomas/kingpin at v2.2.6


I just tried it on Manjaro (Plasma) on the command line, and there’s no auto completion.


On debian bullseye, it’s not activated by default either. I activated it by adding:

eval "$(kopia --completion-script-bash)"

in ~/.bashrc.


Thank you!
Works perfect on Manjaro Linux.
Also on DietPi (NanoPi) board (Debian based)

Note it’s not activated by default because the kingpin library has some bugs which make this annoying - most importantly the filename completion is not actually working (only commands and flags are completed, but you have to type path names unaided). It would be awesome if somebody could help fix this upstream.

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FWIW, kingpin is not maintained anymore. The author says he now uses GitHub - alecthomas/kong: Kong is a command-line parser for Go


Hi is there any plan to switch from Kingpin to Kong?
Also, it would be great to have auto completions for fish shell.