Cannot connet to my repository

Hey I need help ASAP. All my data is on my kopia-repository. I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about resetting my pc but now I cannot connect to my repository. The error code is:
Error: error opening repository: error connecting: unable to create shared content manager: error loading indexes: error downloading indexes: error loading index blob xn0_0b784d2a80233bfd43371c4cd19abce7-sabf5aa73858dfeb811a-c1: getContent: unable to complete GetBlobFromPath:/run/media/rgupta/TOSHIBA EXT/kopia-backups/x/n0_/0b784d2a80233bfd43371c4cd19abce7-sabf5aa73858dfeb811a-c1.f despite 10 retries: open /run/media/rgupta/TOSHIBA EXT/kopia-backups/x/n0_/0b784d2a80233bfd43371c4cd19abce7-sabf5aa73858dfeb811a-c1.f: permission denied.

the error message is: permission denied. It seems that the user does not have sufficient rights. Can you post more details on your setup (kopia server, where is the repository located? etc.)


Thank you for the quick response. I am actually kind of new to Linux so that was my bad for not seeing such a trivial error message. I have fixed it with the chmod command.
Have a nice day,

Alright :slight_smile: Good to hear that you have your files back.