Can't generate token for quick reconnect

Hi all,

I’m trying to generate a token to quickly reconnect on another machine with the commands:
kopia repository status -t -s

However, no token is generated and i just obtain the following:
Config file: /Users/XXXX/Library/Application Support/kopia/repository.config

Description: API Server: https://XXXXXX:51515
Hostname: XXXXXX
Username: XXXXXX
Read-only: false
Format blob cache: 15m0s

I tried on both MacOS and Debian - no success

Any ideas?


Consider consult Kopia manual - Command Line | Kopia

But in short, command “kopia repository status -t -s” should generate a token (a long string of text). To use that token, simply copy it from cli console window and
use it in command “kopia repository connect from-config --token xxx”.

That’s the point, no token is generated, the only thing i get is the message i wrote above

It looks like only “kopia repository status” part of command is proceed without “-t -s” part. Dunno what may causes this (too many spaces in command prompt?). Also repository must be connected to get token.