Create a wasabi repo

Hi all,

I’m new to kopia and I’m trying to create a new repo with Wasabi. For the life of me, I can’t find the right syntax to do so. I’ve tried several variants of the following without any luck. I’m using version 0.10.7 on linux for what it’s worth. Does anyone know the correct syntax to create a new repository with Wasabi?

kopia repository create s3 --region --bucket=mybucket --access-key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX --secret-access-key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I found the missing piece from another post. In case others ask this question, I needed the --endpoint option

kopia repository create s3 --bucket=mybucket --access-key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX --secret-access-key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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How has Kopia been treating you? Im looking at using it with wasabi as well on a Mint box and cloudberry and crashplan seems to be giving me a lot of issues lately with services failing to start.

I’ve had zero issues with kopia since I got it working with Wasabi. Works great!

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I’ve been using Kopia and Wasabi for a few months now and have had just 1 small issue. Kopia is reporting a repository size of 2.1 TB whereas Wasabi and rclone report 3.8 TiB. I don’t know if this is an issue with Wasabi or if Kopia is miscalculating this but besides this I’m really happy with the stability of this setup.

Wasabi has a 90 day retention on files / objects… so if they are deleted or changed before they’ve been stored for 90 days you’re still paying for that space for 90 days (which is why Wasabi is reporting more space used than Kopia)

Have you checked, if you do include a lot of transient/cached/short-lived files in your snapshots? Seems to me, that this must be the case, since you’re packing quite a bit of “throughput” on your repo.