Delete path or user@host:path?

I just changed machine and restored backup (successfully :slight_smile:).
However, I have a little problem… I copied history to my new user@host with
kopia snapshot copy-history qwuy@host1:/home/qwuy qwuy@host2:/home/qwuy
However I did a little spelling mistake, and the home for the destination was qwuyy, which doesn’t exists. Then I reissued the command with the home corrected to qwuy.
Now when I use kopia list I see both path, even if one doesn’t really exists.
Is it possible to “delete” snapshots for a specific path? If yes, can it work even for specific user@host? At this point I could delete metadata for the old machine…

Since I am here and we are talking about restoring…
Why doesn’t snapshot restore have an option to restore the exact state (meaning removing any file/directory/symlink) which are present in the restore folder but not in the snapshot?
I mean, is there a specific reason or just not implemented?

Yeah, that’s a bit silly but you need to manually delete snapshots for now.

First list them with -m and -l parameters to show manifest IDs:

$ kopia snap list -m -l jarek@jareks-mbp:/Users/jarek/Projects/Kopia
  2020-02-29 21:52:29 PST k534403464d7e453c46b42dc1ba65fc53 888.8 MB dr-xr-xr-x manifest:abee56fb521e14425da09836c020a7af files:13156 dirs:1170 (monthly-21)
  2020-03-29 11:22:38 PDT ka1c2e631e4318f9e0ab55fbb53d9cdb6 1.6 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:958ada140ac8878a9c522a2e1671d309 files:13164 dirs:1601 (monthly-20)
  2020-04-23 14:40:00 PDT kc16bac345108e18c52ccea7dc6e43a9a 542.7 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:2410feb38ce6702b0ee106a8cde916fc files:14788 dirs:1556 (monthly-19)
  2020-05-22 12:24:02 PDT kf893b1493283ea092c0ace6599c61e44 628.4 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:85c5532572faeec83922e308619ef2b2 files:15807 dirs:1559 (monthly-18)
  2020-06-30 23:10:00 PDT k5b41588b1f91f2b1a32a1cdc91dc369a 619 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:4a39bda502976ccf3b280d71e41c9009 files:16414 dirs:1559 (monthly-17)
  2020-07-31 23:00:00 PDT ke01b2bac9d2de3446e22a291bd82cbf2 746.9 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:cf04dfccf1242d83ae75f5ffee090977 files:18966 dirs:2651 (monthly-16)
  2020-08-31 23:07:09 PDT k2b7aae9d12fadf13b6b7c12926d4d529 708.9 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:c7a645375eda1a6d16a2fc0816513502 files:10813 dirs:1031 (monthly-15)
  2020-09-25 16:14:31 PDT k2d653c9e1479fed16172a8e38b09c41d 706.7 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:708b92b6205a4a95d64393f81c5124d4 files:12980 dirs:1179 (monthly-14)
  2020-10-31 22:50:00 PDT kce7a031aa1187168937b5703808eb1d6 535.7 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:1e197c5467ab404dc3597a11b5b26eab files:17281 dirs:2252 (monthly-13)
  2020-11-30 23:50:00 PST kc58faf59d6b2b443763678eda1c7eff4 568.5 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:06811de7058a55cced73d9fa8efe8304 files:17485 dirs:2254 (monthly-12)
  2021-10-01 16:50:00 PDT kd5db76a37c4262f81500951eb8dffe0e 2.5 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:4840f19d64d6b84f672d532f4741826b files:15134 dirs:1908 (daily-4)
  2021-10-02 21:23:13 PDT k6782c38c7d9a48359ada0e6fcca51529 3 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:d24998fd80b439d80f373971e5b8d2bf files:15478 dirs:1918 (daily-3)
  2021-10-03 21:50:01 PDT k8e5c2699a82c0cf439bb1b155e0f2d15 4.5 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:303d1e853819842f9e78762b3f0be38b files:15724 dirs:2205 (hourly-8)

Then delete them all using manifest IDs:

kopia snapshot delete abee56fb521e14425da09836c020a7af  958ada140ac8878a9c522a2e1671d309  ... 1e197c5467ab404dc3597a11b5b26eab

Once the last manifest is deleted, the snapshot source will disappear.

Next version will focus on UX improvements to make this easier.

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