Help understanding kopia snapshot verify

HI there,

I am currently trying out kopia to see if it fits my needs.

I ran the this command to test the integrity of my backup:
kopia snapshot verify --verify-files-percent=100 --file-parallelism=50 --parallel=50

But all it returned was this:

Listing blobs...
  10000 blobs...
  20000 blobs...
Listed 22000 blobs.
Processed 0 objects.

Does this mean it verified all files without any errors or did something go wrong?

I think that tests the snapshot (which is a list of pieces that make up the snapshot) and made sure the indexes point to things that are in any of those 22000 blobs. In order to read ALL of the data to see that everything sent for all snapshots is there, “kopia content verify” would probably be needed.

Thanks i’ll look into that

Thanks a lot. This worked flawlessly :smiley: