Help understanding two location on same repop

My set up for testing trying to learn Kopia saving two different name repos in the same directory.

  • Running Kopia server ( I think ) in unraid / Docker - it launches in the browser

  • Running Kopia Gui on windows

  • I have a location on the NAS - called “kopia-repository”

The unraid - kopia I am pointing to that repo backing up ( different username/host)
Windows Kopia - I am pointing to the same repostiry ( different username/host )

Every time the unraid system runs a snapshot, It locks the permissions where the Windows Kopia can’t write its backups.

I thought you where suppose to be able to write 2 different locations into the same repo folder location.

In the screenshot, the dark background is unraid running int he browser and the white one is Windows. I have them both pointed into the same directory , but two different repo names. Am I doing something wrong ?

Both repository have the same password, is this causing an issue ?

I’m not sure if I understood your setup correctly but it looks like you are accessing the repository on Windows mounting it in some way. In this case you need to make sure that all users have enough permissions to read all files.

I personally prefer to run a Kopia repository Server when multiple clients are accessing the same repository, as I don’t need to worry about permissions. And I’m able to restrict clients from viewing or deleting snapshots.

Not sure what you mean by “lock”. Kopia does not lock a repository for backups or maintenance and accessing a repository with multiple clients simultaneous should’nt cause any issues.

Thanks for the reply, I am sure I am using terminology in correctly. what you suggested of using the repo server, is what I would prefer to do, but I can not figure out how to connect to it. I have it running on unraid / docker and I was trying to connect from kopia windows system. Is there a specific setting on the docker kopia I need to change, to put it into repo sever mode ?

What I meant by locked permissions, I meant changes permissions. When the unraid/docker kopia runs it changes the folder permissions then when the kopia windows saves to the same location, I get denied errors cause the folder permissions have changed

I‘ve never used Kopia with Docker, but the documentation has a section about Docker that includes a docker-compose file which starts the server on port 51515. Did you try that?

Is Unraid running a Samba server to provide network shares for Windows clients? IRC Samba has an option called force user which probably solves the permission problem.

it must be in server mode then, that is the port I am accessing it from in the browser