How can I restore my entire drive? btrfs, snapshot / regularly


I had kopia running as another user with sudo permission, backing up / to the cloud hourly.

I was running btrfs, which I think complicates things.

I was also snapshotting using timeshift.

For some reason today, while simply using my web browser, my system complained that I was running low on memory, then suddenly I was running low on disk space. I tried to save a text file that should be no more than one KB, and it failed to save because I was out of space.

I rebooted and tried to restore a time shift snapshot. None of those worked. I’m guessing it’s because of the no space left thing that happened.

So now I have wiped the drive and reinstalled my OS (Arch Linux) with entirely the same setup as before.

I would like to restore a kopia snapshot to get my system back.

When I try to mount the drive from live boot, I see a bunch of odd things that I don’t understand, probably from my unfamiliar experience with BTRFS.



Now that I’ve booted into my fully installed distro, how can I restore everything to the way was yesterday using kopia?

Thank you for the help. This has been a disaster.

What are you trying to mount, and why are you using a live image? From what I can see, you appear to have listed BTRFS sub-volumes. What was your setup before the disaster (what subvolumes did you have? how did you mount them? how did you take the backups (cli/UI)?)?