How to adopt existing repository?

I’ve reinstalled the VM which had my KopiaUI install. The setup was mounting folders from the host system as shared folders inside VMware.

My problem comes from not being able to make a snapshot to add to the existing repository snapshots, I only have the “New Snapshot” button. I’ve made sure that the folder paths are the same as in the old VM.

Could the problem be that the owner is a different computer name? And if so, what can I do to fix it?

To be able to see the repository, I need to change from “Local Snapshots” to “All Snapshots”, it’s the same for the config file.

At last, when I get it to work, how can I be sure that the new default policy won’t affect the existing repository and the snapshots? In the old VM I had set it up so snapshots never expire and I can’t risk losing the data.

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Thank you that worked, would there be a similar command to move over the config too? It just applied the default config to the repository.

Not aware of any easy way.

I would list old policies and based on it create new ones for new user:host

It would be easier from the start just connect to old repo using old username and host. No need to migrate anything.

So maybe move everything back and just reconnect.

But any actions like this I would try first on some test data. It is easy to mess up everything without any way back…

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The old username and host doesn’t exist anymore as it’s a brand new VM.

As I understand it does not matter - what matters is what user:host you use for kopia connect - which by default is read from your environment but can be set explicitly.

Also in UI:

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It seems after having restarted KopiaUI a few times, it now reflects the proper policy.

Thank you for the help.

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Good to know if I have to do the same one day:)

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