How to define custom Snapshot Frequency in KopiaUI?

Hello! First of all, many thanks for making this modern advanced backup solution with a simple GUI, accessible to the common user.

I am trying to configure custom snapshot frequencies for my snapshots in KopiaUi 0.11.3 running on Windows 10.

There is fixed drop-down list in Snapshot Frequency configuration item in KopiaUI, where every 12 hours is maximum option. On the right I see Effective option, and it is not editable:


How can I set every 24 hours, or even every 1 month frequency?

You can do every 24 hours by using the Times of Day feature. Just put the time of the day you want to run the snapshot daily.

Currently, KopiaUI only supports daily snapshots – so weekly, monthly, etc. are not possible unless you use Kopia CLI and custom schedule the snapshots.

There are limitations however, as noted in issue #2274, for me the issue has been that if the PC was off during the “Time of day” scheduled time, it does not execute at next boot. For now I have left every 12 hours but would prefer to have the option to run the backup every 24h