How to see what incompatible data is in a repository

Hey all, running into this:
kopia repository sync-to from-config --file .config/kopia/remote_repo.config --delete -n --times
Synchronizing repositories:
Source: Filesystem: /some/local/backup
Destination: B2: some-bucket
kopia: error: destination repository contains incompatible data, try --help

Obviously --help shows flags, and wasn’t able to tell me what was wrong. Both these repos were created independently by kopia, and are always ran back to back. Thought I’d save time using sync.

Seems I’m not able too synchronize these types together?


  • Brandon

Kopia repository sync-to filesystem seems to be the reason. They’re two different repositories, but I would have assumed using config would have obviated that problem.

EDIT: Nope, looking at the .repository completely solves that mystery :smiley: problem solved.