I can't access "kopia server:


For the life of me I can’t access the server via the browser or via the client. I followed the documentation one to one with no luck. I also added my client user as user@domain

kopia server user list gives me all the users I entered alright.

I get this in the browser

UI Access denied. See https://github.com/kopia/kopia/issues/880#issuecomment-798421751 for more information.

And this in the client mode in the terminal

ERROR failed to open repository: unable to establish session for purpose=: error establishing session: Session(): rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = connection error: desc = "transport: Error while dialing failed to do connect handshake, response: \"HTTP/1.1 503 Connect failed\\r\\nConnection: close\\r\\nContent-Length:

Server: Debian Testing

kopia --version
0.9.6 build: 8ab3e049d23e68fdf9652a7518c2727df0585611 from: kopia/kopia

Client: Windows 10

kopia --version
0.9.6 build: 8ab3e049d23e68fdf9652a7518c2727df0585611 from: kopia/kopia

How I start my server (already did the initial tls)

kopia server start --tls-cert-file ~/my.cert --tls-key-file ~/my.key --address

Server will allow connections from users whose accounts are stored in the repository.
User accounts can be added using 'kopia server user add'.

SERVER ADDRESS: https://[::]:51515
Open the address above in a web browser to use the UI.

How I try in the terminal with the Win client

kopia repository connect server --url --server-cert-fingerprint xxx3166f305dxxx7d40axxxxef7b667c1864xxxx1ec10ae85b27ca2bxx4dxx

And the browser (both Firefox and Chromium)

I followed that Github ticket recommendation with user override without any luck.