Inconsistent compression results

I’m running Kopia Server v0.11.3 on Linux.

Global Policy >> Compression is set to pgzip, but kopia content stats shows multiple compression methods:

Count: 638969
Total Bytes: 362.5 GB
Total Packed: 301.4 GB (compression 16.9%)
By Method:
  (uncompressed)         count: 337760 size: 120.2 GB
  pgzip                  count: 235602 size: 242.2 GB packed: 181.1 GB compression: 25.2%
  zstd-fastest           count: 65607 size: 148.8 MB packed: 44.4 MB compression: 70.2%
  1. Why are most files uncompressed?
  2. Why is zstd-fastest used when I have pgzip set in Global Policy?

That is expected:

  • uncompressed is basically contents files for which pgzip did not produce any space savings so Kopia stored contents uncompressed
  • pgzip is where policy-specified compression was applied
  • zstd-fastest is compression applied to some internal metadata JSON structures in Kopia (directory listings, etc.), there’s currently no way to override it.