Is this project dead?

what should be simple answers to simple questions in this forum are being ignored, is this the end ?

Ah, the first sign of a project maturity .D

But a bit more (but just a bit) seriously, maybe people are too busy committing code: Commits · kopia/kopia · GitHub .P

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Thanks @Dzwiedziu for the answer. Yes, folks are busy working on next version, in fact we’ve gotten an increase in committer engagement, which should make the next release very cool.

This unfortunately does not translate to user support forum activity and I need all your help to improve that:

This forum was intended as a place where users of Kopia can help other users unblock themselves. The community is not huge so it sometimes takes a while for folks to notice and answer a post, but they are being looked at, even if devs don’t respond immediately.I admit the lines of where to go for support are blurry and (here, where we have mostly users, versus Github where we mostly discuss bugs and designs and Slack which is where dev folks usually hang out). You may find better response times on GH or Slack, so if you get really stuck on an issue and there’s no answer here, definitely go there.

Kopia is a non-commercial effort for me personally, but there are others devs who work for companies using Kopia commercially. It would be great if each of us could give back to the community by spending a bit of their time answering other people’s questions here.


Thanks for the feedback gents, i feel much better now :slight_smile:

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