Thank you for this amazing platform

I’m not a coder, and Kopia doesn’t accept donations, so I don’t really have a way of directly contributing to the project. But I do want to say a very hearty THANK YOU to the developers of this amazing software.

I’ve used Duplicati for years, but always found it temperamental, and was never 100% confident it would deliver if I ever needed a major restore. Kopia, however, is absolutely rock-solid, flexible, does everything I need, and is easy to use. The unicorn of open source backup solutions.

So, thank you very much to the developers of this platform. You’ve created something very special.


Another former long time Duplicati user here. I’ve same feelings about Kopia. Truly amazing software. Duplicati is a great backup program, but doesn’t scale well (its database structure likes to grow in the expansible manner). Kopia, on the other hand, is very fast and flexible, always work in the “maximum disaster mode - all data required to restore are in the destination” and even not so fluently speaking in the “computing” user can tailor it to the his/her needs.

Also, it is a actively developing project, so, btw, can we have a possibility to assign a port number in the mount command? Now is random, but would be will be nice to have a predefined one.

The same from me, a guy who passed a long route, who started backups with 8" floppies and up to kopia.

Thank you Jarek and all kopia’s team for kopia !

You already did by helping others on this forum. Me too, trying to do the same here as well on others platforms

Come here to say thanks to developers too!

In the past, I used rsync to backup my system, it is hard to use and no web ui.

With Kopia, I just need to set a repo and then choose a location to snapshot. It is so straightforward!