Issue with retention policy

If I want to keep hourly snapshots for the last week, it seems the way to do this would be to set Kopia to retain 168 hourly snapshots. But I have “Ignore Identical Snapshots”
turned on, which means that on most days, only a few hourly snapshots are actually saved. So retaining 168 hourly snapshots actually results in several weeks of hourly snapshots being retained.

Is there any way to tell Kopia to retain latest/hourly/daily/etc. snapshots for a particular period of time, instead of a particular number of snapshots?

So based on the lack of reply, can I take it that it is not possible to retain snapshots according to their age, rather than their number?

Yeah, I would agree. There’s no control to remove snapshots older than a particular date.

I’ve submitted a feature request for this: Retention based on time, rather than number of snapshots