Kopia maintenance run fails with invalid compression header

I’m running Kopia for a few months now, I’m impressed by the capabilities and functionalities provided!

I’ve started with a few directories to back up and also regularly running a maintenance (“kopia maintenance run --full”). It was running flawlessly, but since about 4 weeks the maintenance run is constantly failing with “error decompressing: invalid compression header, expected 00001100 but got 8b174a7c”, whereas backup and restore works fine. Clearing the cache (" kopia cache clear") doesn’t help.

Currently running Kopia 0.15.0 on Linux using a S3-compatible Cloud Storage.

The log from one of the maintenance runs:

Running full maintenance...
Looking for active contents...
Looking for unreferenced contents...
GC found 7831 unused contents (559.8 MB)
GC found 1125 unused contents that are too recent to delete (19.3 MB)
GC found 81544 in-use contents (4.9 GB)
GC found 153 in-use system-contents (237.8 KB)
Rewriting contents from short packs...
unable to rewrite content "ddc9ab39002840642c9324f8aa9862d3": unable to get content data and info: error decompressing: invalid compression header, expected 00001100 but got 8b174a7c
Total bytes rewritten 17.5 MB
Finished full maintenance.
e[31mERRORe[0m error rewriting contents in short packs: failed to rewrite 1 contents

It looks similar to:

but this should already be fixed in #1844

If I’m reading the error message correctly it seems to be related to different compression types?! When creating the first backups I’ve tried a few compression options, but later settled on “zstd” for all backups and haven’t changed that lately. Could it be that the maintenance is touching older backups with different compression algorithm and is therefore failing? If so, how to fix this?

Thanks a lot in advance!