Kopia v0.16 has been released

Kopia v0.16 is out - Release v0.16.0 · kopia/kopia · GitHub

Release Highlights:

  • Azure PIT support (#3407) by Mike McKay-Dirden
  • [EXPERIMENTAL] Implement volume shadow copy support on Windows (#3543) by Maxim Khitrov
  • UI: Add the ability to change font-sizes (#3515) by Christoph Anderson
  • [BREAKING CHANGE] Disable legacy API by default (#3730) by Nick - See #3716 - this is in preparation to completely remove old non-GRPC repository API in kopia v0.17.0.
  • allow disabling writes on index index loads (#3645) by Julio López

Good morning, after the last update the repository windows keep opening on the desktop when starting the system, before starting minimized, the icon is close to the clock as it is working in Windows (I use Linux/Pop OS).
What needs to be done to prevent this from happening? because it’s really bad to have to close the windows every time you start the computer.

Bom dia, depois da última atualização as janelas dos repositorios ficam abrindo na área de trabalho ao iniciar o sistema, antes iniciava minimizado, ficava so o ícone perto do relógio assim como esta funcionando no windows (uso o linux/Pop OS).
O que é preciso fazer para que isso não aconteça? porque é muito ruim te que ficar fechando as janelas toda vez que iniciar o computador.

Thanks for adding the Appearance Preferences to the UI. Very helpful to those with “aging” eyes! :nerd_face: