Missing features in the webui and in general

This is what I would find useful

  • be able to delete an specific snapshot
  • be able to see per snaphost, per path and per repository the total space of files backed up and the real space of the file before the backup.
  • being able to download a full snapshot as a zip file
  • being able to schedule based on cron format or something more advanced
  • integrations with onedrive and other types of storage, or at least include in the docker the rclone files.
  • ability to exclude folders
  • ability to backup only one file or selected files
  • ability to choose the priority used to do the backups (a way to limit the CPU consumption)
  • being able to backup to 2 different places with the same policy, basically to do the a local backup and cloud backup in the same task with the same information. I guess all the files related with the repository information would be backed up as well to the second location.

You can delete snapshots.

What’s the use case here? Why not just use restore or mount? You could even mount the snapshot and zip it on the fly, I would think. Would that not suffice?

Set the schedule for manual only, then use cron to make your snapshot schedule.

I don’t use the docker image, can it not use rclone?

I think you should watch the intro video on the getting started page. This is all part of the basic functionality of the software. Maybe also read through the reference guide. Once you familiarize yourself a little bit, I think you’ll be well pleased that these aren’t missing at all!

Try cpulimit and nice

Also included. Have a look here at the bottom, and use the repository sync commands.

Glad I could solve everything! Cheers!

Maybe I should have specified the missing parts in the webUI

I know this one but I don’t think is available in the webUI

Probably not an important one since you can do a normal restore and then ZIP

In the webUI I think this is not possible only this is available

The official docker image doesn’t have the binary files to use rclone, so that functionality is broken.

For ignore files/folders you are totally right, in addition this is also in the webUI, I didn’t see it for some reason.
It is possible to exclude files and folder in the WebUI but I don’t think there is way to say only what you want to backup or backup different paths/files, so if I want to backup a path A/A/A1 and then I want to backup A/Z/A2 I have to do the snapshot policy at the path A/ and the add a lot of exclusions to only pick folders A1 and A2. Now I do it with 2 different path snapshot policies which doesn’t always make sense or represents the best option.

Same as before, I don’t think the web UI allow you to do this, you can only select 1 path per task

Ah, yeah I figured since you were saying “in general” I thought you meant they just didn’t exist. WebUI only, got it.

Instead of restore, have you tried mounting? It’s an excellent feautre, and is available in the UI.

This was about scheduling more directly like with cron,
Instead of using a schedule like that, you can set your own custom times for snapshots.

Yeah, that would be nice to have in the UI, but maybe cumbersome to use inclusions and exclusions together. You can easily end up with conflicting stuff, then you have to have a priority hierarchy, etc. (Speaking from dev point of view)

One quick workaround for backing up A/A/A1 and A/Z/A2 in one snapshot, is to fuse mount them in a different folder, and back that up.

Using rclone, you create a union remote with both your paths in there, then just rclone mount union: A/Backup and your snapshot grabs that.

Thanks for the list, would you mind filing issues on GitHub for individual feature requests?


I saw that rclone inside docker is in progress, many thanks :blush:

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