Proper documentation for server


Is there a proper documentation for «kopia server» options?


  • usage example / use-case for --server-control-password and --server-control-username
  • same for --server-password and --server-username and difference with above
  • use-case for --[no-]async-repo-connect
  • why does --htpasswd-file has no default? where are stored user credentials when you don’t specify this parameter?
  • use-case for --override-hostname & --override-username server-side


Check this thread: KOPIA server: SERVER_CONTROL_USER

As far as I understand: Connect to remote repository and while it connecting start doing other things preparing to more quick processing.

Because there no defaults.

Credentials stored inside of specified htpasswd file, in the same way as it is in Apache
It was used prior to kopia v0.8

Path to htpasswd file that contains allowed user@hostname entries

I see it used extensively in test, as well you can override name of actual server’s hostname with your own, like “MySuperServer-0001” instead of “DESKTO-XYZ123”

thank you for those clarification attempts.

About the --override-hostname, server-side:

  • say I have a server with many virtual hosts configured in my HTTPS proxy (foo, bar, baz…).
  • if I make the kopia server init without --override-hostname it will pick the default server hostname (foo) when creating kopia’s TLS certs
  • say I choose another vhost (bar) in my HTTPS proxy to publish the kopia service

I will end up having an error when the proxy connects to the kopia backend (TLS name does not match)

Will using --override-hostname=bar at init can prevent that hostname mismatch between front HTTPS proxy and TLS cert of kopia backend?