Let’s say I connect to a repository then these files get created in ~/.config/kopia


Assume I run a kopia snapshot create.. which takes some time.

Now in a different terminal I want to connect to another kopia repository.

I assume that then above repository.config... files get overwritten.

If my assumption is true then I am wondering if this can cause problems?

(I should add that out of being cautious I use --config-file when running kopia in a script)

Aren’t the configuration files stored in the repository itself? I noticed that whenever I disconnect the repository, the repository.config file disappears. Also, even if I transfer the repository to a different location, all I need is the path of the new location and the password to open it. Though I only use the GUI which can only open 1 repository at a time, so I’m not sure if the behavior is the same as your case.