Safe to use Kopia Server in the background, and still issue CLI commands


I must say I cannot fully wrap my head around the interaction between the kopia server+gui running in the background, and kopia commands executed via the CLI. Is it considered safe to use both at the same time? e.g. Server doing maintenance or wahtever in the background, and kopia snapshot create being run manually or by a script at the same time? Will those two (both running as root) conflict/interfere somehow?

I had some trouble with a local repository being run from CLI by using a different --config-file=xyz still corrupting my remote repository connection which the kopia server had in the background, I think it was d/t some cache conflicts/issues, so I would appreciate some input on this.


I moved to rustic… kopia is great but good luck for any meaningful feedback from creators/maintainers.

Any nitty-gritty problems? with kopia you are on your own:)

I think kopia has some great potential and seems to have great foundations under the hood, but the server/gui/cli part definitely needs some better disentangling and documentation, and the documentation in general is lacking/incomplete/outdated in many places (e.g. Env Variables).

Curious, why did you chose rustic over restic? Need to decide which one to use to push all my stuff to the cloud (again), and don’t want to waste days of uploading :slight_smile:

They are fully compatible - you can use any at any time. one backup with restic another with rustic:)

rustic has options I needed.

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