Snapshots & Policies - Chicken and Egg

So here’s the problem:
I can’t create a Policy until I create a Snapshot.
As soon as I create a Snapshot it starts backing up and will backup a lot of folders & files I don’t want backed up, which I’ll specify in the Snapshot’s Policy once I’ve created it.

At a minimum snapshots shouldn’t start immediately or add something like “Snapshot - Create Only” to the Snapshot dropdown menu. I wonder whether anyone would actually use a Snapshot that didn’t have Policies specified.

I also find entering a Source Path for a new Snapshot a bit confusing. To my mind a Snapshot is the result of a backup and the snapshot source belongs with the policy. However I realize this complicates having multiple policies for a snapshot.

To take this further having “New Snapshot” front and center when looking at Snapshots doesn’t seem right. This is part of a process to create new backups and doesn’t need to be staring at us all the time.

At present the creation and browsing/restore is presented together which I feel isn’t the best UI/UX.

Taking this further I’d like the ability to either share policies or copy them among repositories. And the ability for a a snapshot + policy to target multiple repositories.

Thank you for some great feedback. We should absolutely improve the UX based on your suggestions.

FWIW creating policy should be possible without creating a snapshot - just go to the second tab.