Sync-to b2 hangs overnight (twice)

To get my backup plan kick-started, I plugged my USB 3.0 backup drive into my main desktop (Fedora 36), created the repository, and the first snapshot with ~1TB of data.

Then I walked that drive to a small server (Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS) that’s wired directly to the router (no wifi), connected to the repo, and started a sync-to b2 in a tmux. It seems to run fine all day, but both mornings, the progress line has stopped updating (blob count, size, ETA), and the CPU utilization in top is 0. Yesterday I let it go for 3 hours after the first time I checked, and it never updated. The file count and size in b2 had stopped increasing, also. It seems to hang.

If I Ctrl+C and re-start it it picks up and runs again. Has anybody else seen this behavior? Am I doing something wrong?

ETA: 0.11.3 build: 317cc36892707ab9bdc5f6e4dea567d1e638a070 from: kopia/kopia
.deb on the server running the sync-to

ETA2: I’ve temporarily disabled everything in /etc/cron.daily to see if something in there is causing kopia to hang.

What do the logs say when sync-to is seemingly hanging for you? Log path is available at Logging | Kopia

I knew I was forgetting something (check the logs!). It didn’t hang last night. And it’s estimated to finish this evening. If it doesn’t hang again, I’m going to say it was some cron job taking too much memory. This little box only has 4GB. If it does hang again, I’ll check the logs.