Timezone issue in docker setup

I’m using kopia in Docker and I have setup my timezone in the .env file like that:


and indeed, when I run ‘docker exec kopia date’, I get the right date for me.

But in the WEB UI, I get the UTC date instead so when I run a snapshot manually, after the end I can see it was run ‘in an hour’ :confused:

Same, when I set a scheduling like that:

How can I get the right timezone in the UI?

EDIT: actually, docker exec kopia date does not provide the right time, sorry :confused:, it’s Europe, not Europe/Paris like that:
Wed Mar 8 10:47:45 Europe 2023
although docker exec kopia env |grep TZ returns TZ=Europe/Paris
Why is my TZ instruction not taken into account?

It seems it is a known issue as described here: Unable to set docker timezone · Issue #2311 · kopia/kopia · GitHub