Actions Don't Save in KopiaUI

I’m trying to define an After Snapshot Action in KopiaUI. If I modify any of these settings (script, timeout, command mode), I can see the changes reflected in the JSON Representation. Then when I click Save Policy, it doesn’t save my changes. I have enableActions set to true in the repository.config. I can modify/save every other setting within the KopiaUI. I can’t figure out why the Actions settings don’t stick.
Any suggestions?

Confirmed on KopiaUI Version v0.13.0, Windows 10

Ok, I’m new to kopia so I assumed I was doing something wrong. I’m also running v0.13.0 on Windows 10

Might be fixed by fix(actions): actions are not saved after sanitizeActions() by lupusA · Pull Request #163 · kopia/htmlui (

The issue was introduced in Fix policy editor script field by j-bro · Pull Request #133 · kopia/htmlui · GitHub


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