Autostarting Kopia: documentation request; question

Judging by the search function that is provided by the online documentation, that documentation contains nothing about running Kopia on boot. (Still, I found a ‘Launch at startup’ item in the context menu of the Kopia UI. - I run Kopia on Windows 10.- )

A related matter: do ‘snapshots’ run as scheduled even if the UI is not running?


I’m also very interested on this topic, I have a Windows server that has kopia installed, but every time my provider restarts the server, I have to manually log in to the server because only then kopia gets started. Is there a way to let kopia run as a service on Windows?

I only found this post on this topic: Basics questions - Thanks for your time - #13 by jkowalski

I’m also interested in this. I suspect (though haven’t tried it yet) that I can run my backups with CLI and windows scheduler but it would be really nice and user friendly if we just filled in the scheduling in Kopia.

I’m currently running Kopia as a secondary backup solution on 3 windows servers, we’re expanding that to 15 in total in the coming days :).

I too will appreciate the inclusion of this feature a lot.
Actually It will be very useful if it can start automatically with Windows.

Caveat: I have spent about 2 days playing with Kopia and trying to understand it.

From what I can tell, KopiaUI can be thought of as a wrapper around the CLI to provide an easier interaction point. The CLI is based around doing a single operation (e.g. take a snapshot) as as such doesn’t inherently support scheduling. KopiaUI as being long-running can support the scheduling as if it is running the background it can launch the correct Kopia action.

I would love to see better documentation around the best practices for auto-starting and running like a service. e.g. is it better to just run the server or the full UI on a Windows desktop? On a headless Linux server, is it better to setup a cron job to run the snapshot? If I do a cron job, can I get all of my snapshots to run in one go, or do I need to have a job per snapshot?


I also want to use Copy for backups and I’m also interested in the issue of running it as a service in a Windows server. Are there established best practices?

I was able to start kopia server as a Windows service using 3rd party tool nssm

Someone made a guide on how to run kopia on windows, it looks very good: Made a guide on how to deploy Kopia - linux, windows, server mode, docker