KopiaUI as a service in windows?

I see questions about it that are 2-3 years old.
I assume no progress that way?
I really want to use kopia, but I feel I am pushed towards cli version, and some extra work of writing scripts and using task scheduler…

All because I cant enable checkbox somewhere to run as service and so kopiaUI is not dependant on user it was installed under being logged in.

It feels so elemental, to have schedule thats robust and impacted by least variables … am I missing something? Some easy way to have that trust that a backup will run without kopiaUI running as a service?

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I’m running mine as a service using nssm
download nssm
nssm install
Choose kopia.exe or kopia-ui

I needed mine to run schedules even after reboot or logged out of windows.
Now runs like a dream everytime

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Tested it now quickly.
Does not seem to work as I would like.
My test in a clean virtual machine

  • install kopiaUI and nssm
  • run UI, create repo, setup backup of c:\users, schedule it at ever 10 minutes
  • run nss install kopia, set up the basic stuff to have service
  • restart the machine, log in, log out
  • after 30 minutes I log in, run kopiaUI to see number snapshots and none were made in the non-logged 30 min window. When I am logged in I clearly see snapshots taking place.

Maybe some settings are needed for under what profile the background service should run or something extra that should make it behave like a desktop up but also worked reliably in the background?

under services.msc is the kopia service running.

Try this, create batch file

cd /D C:\Program Files\KopiaUI\resources\server
kopia server start --insecure --address= --server-username=yourservername --server-password=yourpassword --password=yourpassword

nssm install
choose batch file above to run as service, run as system account

I checked on two of my systems, on one I have kopiaUI.exe as service and it works.
On second system which was my test system Im using the batch file method above.

Checked and both work.

The way of going with the server and then accessing it through browser at localhost:51515 seems like the way to go and going with how it was maybe intended.

With UI version I tried few things, but I think it just runs in some different context and cant open that context as a regular desktop user to set it up.

I prefer to access mine through browser on another pc.
I remember I had to have same config file location for both Kopia Desktop and when running it in the browser.

Not sure about service requirements, but I just let it run as an app that auto-starts with windows.

Run kopiaui.
Systray icon, right-click and make sure run at startup is checked.

It’s certainly not automated for mass-deployments, will definitely needs scripts and services and pre-configuration files etc for that.