Made a guide on how to deploy Kopia - linux, windows, server mode, docker

Go a github repo with some selfhosted stuff guides… kinda documentation where I write up on how to deploy shit…

Was on borg for a few years for my linux backup, and veeam for windows stuff… but really liked the idea of having kopia in the toolbelt as a universal backup solution that once I learn I can use anywhere - my docker linux host, or some techdept old windows server, or random user want just desktop backup.

I tested few times any section there in VMs and on my docker host… but there could be some quirks.

Do tell if I got something wrong.


Wow, this is awesome! I was desperately looking for something like this. A coherent documentation and working solution for running Kopia on Windows. Thank you so much!

A big thank! It’s so useful

I’m running mine as a service using nssm
download nssm
nssm install
Choose kopia.exe or kopia-ui

I needed mine to run schedules even after reboot or logged out of windows.
Now runs like a dream everytime


create batch file

cd /D C:\Program Files\KopiaUI\resources\server
kopia server start --insecure --address= --server-username=yourservername --server-password=yourpassword --password=yourpassword

nssm install
choose batch file above to run as service, run as system account

Nice guide, i’d use a sytemd service too, if it wasn’t that I found Cronicle.