Backup docker volumes with Kopia?

I came to know about Kopia and finding it really amazing and interested.
I’m selfhosting many applications on my server via docker and I want to backup the volumes of those applications.
The thing is that I use named volumes for best performance.
Now the issue is that normal users can’t access the /var/lib/docker/volumes path due to permission issues.
So how do I backup those volumes with Kopia?
Is there any way?
I want to avoid setcap since it is somewhat problematic in many scenarios.
I found the Kopia docker image, but there’s no guide/tutorial that how it should be used.
Please help

Kopia cannot backup files/folders it does not have read access to. You will need to install/run Kopia with a user that has access to /var/lib/docker/volumes.

I am not familiar with running Kopia via docker, but I assume you will still run into the same issue – Kopia run in docker would not have access to /var/lib/docker/volumes unless you grant it access, would it?

Yup, I think there should be some way, isn’t it?

Because without it, we won’t be able to restore and backup docker volumes which will be a big issue