Snapshot restore permission problems

I’s setup a container based on this guide Containerized Kopia server setup - General - Kopia Forum

and the only thing I’ve changed are the usual ones like KOPIA_PASSWORD, TZ, username, server-password.

It works fine and can create snapshot to WEBDAV of a test folder with a few files (2mb) which is own by the user, but when I restore the snapshot, all I got is a permission error and only writes to a folder with the user/group of 65532 and also restore the files with the 65532 user/group and not the original user/group.

My question is this how it supposed to work? and just chown my correct user/group or there a way to fix the permission issue I’ve having? or run Kopia as my user or root? Usually permission I can solve permission problems by setting the PUID/PGID but I belive it’s not supported here. Docker documentation about kopia is pretty much hard to find.

I’m still new to this and creating backups is the next thing people told me tha is a must have for a home server.