Backup mounted filesystems

We use Cryptomator to mount encrypted file systems in Windows 10 at this location.


When adding a Policy in KopiaUI, the backup will not cross this boundary and back up files underneath (unless it is pointed at a sub-directory underneath).

Policy Root folder Kopia sees this
C:\Users\Chris 0 files found
C:\Users\Chris\Client 0 files found
C:\Users\Chris\Client\Documents 192 files found

Is there an option to handle this scenario? I think the filesystem appears as a Symbolic Link.

p.s. I tried the option for “Scan only one filesystem” Y/N but it has no impact.

Windows 10
KopiaUI v0.12.1
Cryptomator 1.6.4
Dokan 1.5.1

I am not what your question is: are you looking for a way to exclude some root directory except a particular subdirectory underneath? If so, it should be possible to do it via ignore rules.

As for “Scan one filesystem”, I am not exactly sure how Kopia interacts with Dokan, and whether it is properly being detected as a “different filesystem” (I am not sure if Windows reports Dokan mounts as being filesystems other than NTFS). It is perhaps worth filing a GitHub report to discuss whether this should be properly handled.

No. This is not an Exclude type issue.

Literally, Kopia will not back up the root folder of a mounted volume, but it will happily back up any sub folder underneath.

So, in the example above, a new snapshot of C:\Users\Chris\Client (the mount point of the volume) will result in no files or folders being backed up.

But, a new snapshot of any sub-directory like C:\Users\Chris\Client\Documents (under the mount point) results in all its files and folders being backed up with no problems.

I think the fact that the root folder is implemented as a symbolic link is giving Kopia trouble. If Kopia will not back up the contents of a symbolic link, it would explain what is going on.

Ah I see, yes as far as I am aware, Kopia does not “follow symlinks”, which might be what is going on here.

Thank you. I will file a feature request. Cheers.