Is Kopia ignoring some /home files?


I’m using KopiaUI to create a backup from my /home. The repository is on a portable HD.
Comparing the number of files/volume with the snapshot created it’s clear that some files were not copied. I didn’t receive any error message during the process.

kopia home

Am I doing something wrong? (I didn’t change any settings, just followed the youtube video).


Kopia is ignoring its own cache directory and filesystem objects it can’t understand (it only understands files, dirs and symlinks).

Can you run the snapshot using command line to see if there are any warnings about unsupported files? Those warnings will be added to UI in the next release.

Apologies for my delay. Ran using the command line, but there is still a (large) diff between them (107k x 97k files).

There were some errors on filesystem objects. How can I easily list them? I had to scroll up to find each line. Here are some samples.



Latest kopia (at HEAD) has a fix for reporting unsupported files.

Long story short, only files, directories and symlinks are supported, things like fifos, sockets or device nodes are not.

Thank you for the brief explanation.

I’m not a long time Linux user, but thinking of saving my files from /home ((including settings/confs located on .local or .config for instance) using Kopia, would be safe to say that I got what I need? Or fifos, sockets,device nodes, etc are also important if my pc crashes and I have to revert my files using the snapshot?

Sockets, fifos and device nodes, get usually created from application installs - they are used for (inter)process communication or, hence the name, to devices. They contain any actual data pe se and actually can’t really be backuped.

So, if you installed an app inside your home folder, which created these kind of files, your remedy would be to re-install the app after a crash or recovery.

Clear, thank you @budy and @jkowalski . Kopia is really a great tool. Please continue working on the UI to make it even easier to people like me :slight_smile: