Backup/repository issue

I’m trying to move from duplicati to kopiagui in docker. However I’m experiencing weird issues after the first snapshot runs.

I create the repository via webdav, I see files created. I then create a default policy (/data) to backup the directory I want to and it runs and succeeds in the GUI, I get no errors initially. I see no errors in the docker log.

I then almost immediately lose access to the snapshot/policies pages with the error “Request failed with status code 500”
most folders in webdav repo location show 0 KB.

If I try to restart the container I finally get a docker error:
“ERROR unable to initialize repository: unable to initialize repository: error connecting to repository: unable to list sources: unable to find manifest entries: unable to load manifest contents: error loading manifest content: error getting cached content: invalid (offset=3047904,length=563) for blob “q94ef0b4ecdd3a04825a09c8ae9544bf7-s85b0939d1c798db9123” of size 0”

I’m assuming this is just telling me the repo is size of 0? when in reality the folder size is 11 KB

I have tried changing the docker container user to root, with 0 change, which I thought would rule out a permissions issue. I don’t believe it’s a webdav issue as duplicati and restic can upload just fine.

I have the same issue when I try to take a backup of subfolders (ie /data/baikal, /data/bookstack_db_data)

I know I’m doing something wrong but have no idea where to look at this point as I’ve exhausted my googling. Including relevant kopia compose below. The repository password I use to create the repo in the gui matches the kopia_password variable in the compose file.

        image: kopia/kopia:latest
        user: 0:0
        hostname: docker1
        container_name: Kopia
        restart: unless-stopped
            - 51515:51515
        # Setup the server that provides the web gui
            - server
            - start
            - --disable-csrf-token-checks
            - --insecure
            - --address=
            - --server-username=username
            - --server-password=secret
            # Set repository password
            KOPIA_PASSWORD: "repopw"
            USER: "root"
            TZ: America/Chicago
            # Mount local folders needed by kopia
            - /etc/config/kopia/config:/app/config
            - /usr/kopia/cache:/app/cache
            - /usr/kopia/logs:/app/logs
            # Mount local folders to snapshot
            - /etc/config:/data:ro
            # Mount repository location
            - /usr/kopia/repository:/repository
            # Mount path for browsing mounted snaphots
            - /usr/kopia/tmp:/tmp:shared

I hope I included all relevant info to help troubleshoot.