Error when creating repository

Hi, I’m trying to setup Kopia on a Raspberry Pi using Docker. I was able to setup a container (version 0.13) and connect to Web UI. I have a Synology NAS to which I would like to make backups using WebDAV. I entered address and credentials and it seems that Kopia was able to successfully connect. Then in the next step I was asked to create a repository. I entered password and waited for it to create it. At the end of the process I get:

Connect Error: INTERNAL: internal server error: connect error: unable to write blobcfg blob: PutBlob() failed for "kopia.blobcfg": unable to complete PutBlob(kopia.blobcfg) despite 10 retries: unable to complete WriteTemporaryFileAndCreateParentDirs despite 10 retries: MOVE kopia.blobcfg.f-573979976699823978: 502

I checked backup location on my NAS and I confirmed that some files were created/copied by Kopia.I’m not sure what might be the cause of such error. I checked logs, but I did not find information that could help me resolving this issue.

Do you know what might be the cause? Previously I was able to set Duplicati backups and did not encounter similar issues, so I don’t think there’s something wrong with my NAS or network setup. I’m using Traefik as a reverse proxy. I use ansible to setup container on the device.


have you entered the same password as in “KOPIA_PASSWORD” ?


Hey! I tested it again with a simpler password to make sure it is correct, but I’m getting the same error.