Can I not use a password?

I really have no reason to put a password on my file. I would like anyone with access to the files to be able to recover the data, not necessarily just me, hence data theft isnt really of my concern.

When initializing a repository it literally says “Repository password is required”.

Do I have any options at all? I also dont really want to encrypt my files to begin with for that matter :slight_smile: Would prefer not to.

While Im well here, what file compression algorithm would you guys recommend as of to date?

Saw that pgzip is recommended as a good choice in the docs for both speed & compression rate, is this still the case?

Unprotected repositories were available ~2 years ago or so, but it had some little-tested code paths with problematic properties (no integrity checks), so it was removed.

It may come back at some point, but we need to figure out the integrity story.

Name your repository “Password is 1234” and make the password 1234.

zstd seems to be the best bang for your buck on compression, from what I find.

Try using Kopia’s built in compression benchmarking tool and choose whichever one you like best.

In many of my tests, s2-default comes out as fastest on multicore machines, though with slightly less than optimal compression ratio. You will have to find a representative set of data and run the benchmarks in order to see what fits your usecase best, but given that most machines today that are 10 years old or younger have multiple cores, the parallelizable ones are of course recommended. This will be nicely shown when you do run the compression benchmarks, some of the compressors scale almost linearly with the number of cores in your machine.
pgzip can eat tons of ram, so make sure you check that column too on the benchmarks.

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