What runs on client and what runs on repository server?

I have a fairly ancient little NAS with an atom processor and 2G of RAM. I was wanting to stick a repository server on it but was wonder, what all does the repository server do? I assume all encryption/hashing/compression happens client side and the repository server just keeps track of the blocks it stores?

Also gotta say having come from urbackup/veeam the repository server docs really really need some help.

From my experience, the client does all the hashing work etc. I am running a repository server on my NAS (celeron 1.6 ghz) with 8 gb ram and it is working pretty good. It is used by three clients.

Considering the documentation, this project indeed need some help. As it is run by a friendly community, you are free to add to the documentation where neccessary :slight_smile:

Just create a pull request. The docs are located within the kopia github repository. If you have questions on how to change the documentation, feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Thanks, yeah I’d like to help update docs but first I have to figure out what the heck I’m doing :smiley: