Can not connect to repository (local storage smb mount)

Hi, I installed Kopia on my iMac a few days ago and created a repository on a local storage (smb mount NAS). After that I created several snapshots from different folders. I have also connected a Linux client to the repository which also makes snapshots.
Today the Mac did not connect to the repository anymore and I could not connect to the repository although the repository password is correct. I tried to connect via Kopia-ui and even via the terminal

Connect Error: INTERNAL: internal server error: connect error: unable to create shared content manager: error loading indexes: error downloading indexes: error loading index blob xn4_afc9d88531a2fb9566b2cfc8e98602f2-s398f8f9a69deeb8110b-c1: error decrypting BLOB xn4_afc9d88531a2fb9566b2cfc8e98602f2-s398f8f9a69deeb8110b-c1: unable to decrypt content: cipher: message authentication failed

The Linux client can still connect to the repository and takes snapshots.

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You have some data corruption - previous instances of this usually indicated faulty RAM or some problem with the underlying hard disk.

You can try deleting the offending index file, you will lose all writes done in that session, but there’s a reasonably high chance that the rest of the repository won’t be affected.

Okay, can you tell me where I find the offending index file?

you mean this one? xn4_afc9d88531a2fb9566b2cfc8e98602f2-s398f8f9a69deeb8110b-c1

yes, it’s in the repository subdirectory /x/n4_

Okay i have delete the file and then I was able to open the repository.

Definitely check your RAM for bad bits and HDD for bad sectors.