Can't open repo, manifest corrupted and BLOB not found repo

Having this error using Kopia on windows on a NTFS USB-attached drive:

Connect Error: INTERNAL: internal server error: connect error: error connecting to repository: unable to list sources: unable to find manifest entries: unable to load manifest contents: error loading manifest content: error getting cached content: failed to get blob with ID qdb3b915a20cc804d0e38a8c11317dcad-scfce0e8f6057575d11f: BLOB not found

For some reason, this is like the 2-3rd time it happened to me using the exact same setup (I still think Kopia breaks itself when doing maintenances).

Seems I am not the only one…

Is there a way that I could recover the repo (I don’t mind losing snapshots, but I don’t want to setup the policies every time this thing happns)?
Should I just open Kopioa less regularly so these things don’t happen? I smell that NTFS is not the most stable file system and that could affect, but IMHO Kopia should help us on recovering from this things.