BLOB missing: kopia won't work

I am messing around with my Kopia server, by moving it’s repo from my KVM dom0 into a domU. I have synched the repo (450GB) and have it laying on a XFS fs. I performed a couple of snapshots and then rebootet the guest. After reboot Kopia will not perform any action on the new repo. This is the error I am getting:

[root@kopia repos]# kopia policy ls
error running maintenance: unable to get maintenance params: error looking for maintenance manifest: unable to load manifest contents: BLOB not found
kopia: error: unable to list manifests: unable to load manifest contents: BLOB not found, try --help

Any idea, if that can somehow be solved? If not, I will simply re-sync this repo from its origin.

can you join so we can investigate?

Sure - just joined

Closing the loop - it appears this was caused by bad synchronization between host and VM.