Can't run quick maintenance

Hi all - I am running automated kopia backups via cron every morning at 1am. I set up my script to run a quick maintenance most days, and a full maintenance every Sunday. However, I noticed that it runs a full maintenance every time, and I can’t seem to figure out why. If the full maintenance also performs the same tasks as the “quick” maintenance I don’t really care, since it doesn’t take any amount of time, but I’m trying to understand the behavior. Further, what does it mean to schedule a maintenance? Kopia isn’t running as a daemon, so how would a scheduled maintenance run every hour if Kopia is only invoked once a day? Thanks in advance!

[root@maxilaria bin]# kopia maintenance info 
Owner: root@maxilaria
Quick Cycle:
  scheduled: false
Full Cycle:
  scheduled: false
Log Retention:
  max count:       10000
  max age of logs: 720h0m0s
  max total size:  1 GiB
Recent Maintenance Runs:
    2021-12-20 01:00:25 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-19 01:00:45 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-18 01:00:54 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-18 01:00:39 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-17 01:00:22 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-20 01:00:37 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-19 01:00:48 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-18 01:00:56 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-18 01:00:50 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-17 01:00:24 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-19 01:00:47 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-17 01:00:24 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-20 01:00:36 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-19 01:00:46 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-18 01:00:56 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-18 01:00:49 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-17 01:00:23 MST (0s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-20 01:00:26 MST (10s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-18 01:00:40 MST (8s) SUCCESS
    2021-12-16 20:04:39 MST (0s) SUCCESS
[root@maxilaria bin]# kopia maintenance run 
Running full maintenance...
Looking for active contents...
  Processed 14672 contents, discovered 14672...
Looking for unreferenced contents...
Previous content rewrite has not been finalized yet, waiting until the next blob deletion.
Found safe time to drop indexes: 2021-12-20 00:00:25.273106945 -0700 MST
Dropping contents deleted before 2021-12-20 00:00:25.273106945 -0700 MST
Looking for unreferenced blobs...
Deleted total 6 unreferenced blobs (16.8 MB)
Cleaned up 0 logs.
Finished full maintenance.

Hi jrdemasi, looking at kopia’s source code it seems that if you are using the new repository format and kopia version >= 0.9 then invoking maintenance via CLI will always result in a full maintenance run.

To your second question: If kopia is run in (continuous) server mode then it will be able to invoke tasks when they are due. If kopia only runs on demand it will only be able perform these tasks each time it’s run.