Change path with an existing source

Hello, first of all thank you for the great software. :grinning:

I created a snapshot with the path /home/folder1/folder2 a while ago.
I now have to move the data to another folder e.g. /home/other Folder/data/folder2.
What is the best way to make the change? Can I just change the source somewhere or do I first have to copy the data to the new location and create a new snapshot from there and migrate the old one into it?

If I have to migrate the whole thing, do I see correctly that I then have two snapshots in the repository? If so, can I somehow merge these so that I only have one snapshot at the end?

Thanks in advance

Yes. Another way would be to snapshot /home and use exclusions to control what goes into backup. But as you already have existing backups then you will end up with two snapshots. Content will be deduplicated anyway (it is done across all repo) so if these are the same file nothing new will be transferred (but some metadata).

It is not possible AFAIK.

Thank you for the info.

Here I would also have to set the snapshot frequency to 0 so that it no longer takes new snapshots from the old source. Right?

Do I understand it correctly that the old snapshots from the old source are successively deleted after the retention plan and that the snapshot should be empty at the end?

Understood :slight_smile:


Yes - according to theirs retention policy.