Connect to a "rclone synched" kopia repo


I create snapshots using “kopia snapshot create” on a local repo on regular basis.
I finally uploaded the local repo on b2 with “rclone sync”
Now, I wish to create the snapshot directly to b2 (I realize I probably could have used kopia sync-to). But I receive “repository not initialized in the provided storage” when running “kopia connect b2 --bucket=$BUCKET --key-id=$KEYID --key=$KEY”

I checked kopia.repository.f is at the root of the bucket.

Is what I’m trying to do doable ?


The file extension *.f" is only used on local repos. Whenver you connect to some bucket-based repo, the extension .f simply doesn’t exist. Also, Kopia stores all blobs in subdirs on a local repo, which it also doesn’t on a bucket.

So… yes… you should have used sync-to to transfer your repo to b2.

I think a script could be written that flattens the files in a bucket, which could save on the re-upload time.

Each file with a .f extension needs to be renamed/moved to a root of the bucket, and have its .f extension removed. The name of the file is a concatenation of all intermediate directory names and the filename itself:

So a file /ab/cd/ef/ghijklmnop.f needs to be renamed to /abcdefghijklmnop.

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