Moving Repo from Backblaze B2 to Local Filesystem


I’m trying to get off B2 and keep the repo on a local NAS. To avoid high transaction fees I grabbed the B2 Snapshot of my bucket and am trying to add the repo via kopia following the suggestions from here:

kopia repository connect filesystem --path=/media/nas/b2snapshot/ --flat

However I am getting this error:
ERROR error connecting to repository: repository not initialized in the provided storage

  • kopia-cli 0.17.0 on debian
  • snapshot contains kopia.blobcfg, kopia.maintenance, kopia.repository, and then 47,000 other files all (now) ending with .f

How can I get the repo to connect & mount so that I can pull files off of it without being on B2 directly?

Here is the answer:

each file… From your description you still have three files to rename:)

Hey, thanks for the suggestion. I don’t know why, but I just assumed the kopia information files should’ve been left alone. Adding .f to the remaining allowed me to connect.

Then using mount all I can now see the files!

I should’ve just tried to experiment on my own and come to that solution but convinced myself “no those can be left alone”.

Thanks for the input!

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