Convert Kopia Snapshot script to a Windows script

I am new to Kopia and trying to understand it’s limitations.
Is there a way to convert an existing Snapshot backup to a Windows script?
I would like to be able to trigger the snapshot at will, on call, perhaps using .bat or Powershell.
Is this possible?
This is running on Windows 10.
Thanks in advance.

I am not sure what you mean by converting “existing snapshot to script”, do you mean can you invoke a snapshot using a script? If so, then the answer is yes. I am assuming you are using the UI, but if you use the cli, then there is nothing preventing you to script your backups. Kopia cli doesn’t care whether you invoke the command interactively in a terminal or via a script. In fact, that is what I do in Linux. On windows, you may have to either specify the full path to the binary, or add the cli binary to the PATH.

Thank you very much for responding. Yes, this is what I mean in this case, triggering a specific snapshot manually, using a script, such us in a .bat file or powershell.
I am very new to Kopia and I would not know where to start.
I would need some guidance for a Windows script and how to compile it.
Would someone be able to assist me on how to do this, step by step?
Thanks in advance.

Without knowing your setup and intent, it is hard to exactly how to guide you on this. It appears to me that you are not experienced with shell scripting in general, and there are many things that could potentially go wrong. What is your end goal? Is it to automatically trigger snapshots at certain periods? If so, an alternative you can consider is scheduling ability available in the UI for instance.

I have Windows batch and Powershell scripting experience. I would like to trigger at will current jobs via Windows script.

If anyone is able to assist me with a Windows script to trigger existing jobs at will - I would be grateful for any help. Thank you.

cd /D a:\kopia
kopia.exe snapshot create F:\CBPA\ –password=yourpassword